A break from channelling a William Blake ghost espousing Gandhi's philosophy in a media jam mode. A gem of juxtaposition found in book billed as by Kimberley Reynolds with Richard Seddon. In the Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms: A Handbook for the Artist and Art Lover the entry for "Putto" is followed immediately by the very brief "Putty Rubber" entry which cordially offers a cross-reference ("See ERASERS"):

[...] Artists often find the non-abrasive, ‘kneaded rubber’ (also know as a ‘putty’ or ‘plastic rubber’) eraser particularly useful as it can be shaped to a fine point and used to lift out pencil, chalk or charcoal marks without smudging [...]

What a nice definition to appropriate for satire: that which shaped to a fine fine point is used to remove marks without smudging. Of course in some schools of the art the smudging is as endearing as putti.

Lucid dreaming project inspired by Sixties psychedelica: putti swirling round an image of Gandhi hand tinted by Blake. The Renaissance dialogue of the dead revisited through posters and animation.

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