matter initials

Splitting non signals safely (ther ei spowe rcoming a tyo uwhe nyou attempt to spindle noise) involves or invokes a certain type of hearing. The phonetic weaves its way into the phonological by the royal road of loan words. There is for example the coming of the "ing" sound into French via such borrowings le parking.

Doing a little bit of a U Turn, one can imagine the mandarin mutations of pronunciation that greet the Greek letter Upsilon in the name of the collective "Groupe Mu". Graphological distinctions assists in the migration of sounds.

What sounds will travel via Unicode and the representation of a plethora of diacritical marks that it permits? And what of txtng? English "you" shortened to "u" and then translated to French "vs" for "vous" -- and by back translation there is a recollection of the days of typesetting where a "u" and "v" were interchangeable : "vs" is "us".

"M3" is a thousand sigmas reversed. How then shall the numerologists work?

There is power coming at you when you spindle noise and spin a platter.

And so for day 28