In Unix-land it is invoked by "ln" for link making. In i-Apple land under Classic it is Propeller + M and under OSX it is Propeller + L, both for "make alias". In Microsoft land, you can invoke it under Windows by Alt+F, followed by the letter _S_ [or mouse click File for the menu] for "Create Shortcut". There is no equivalent under DOS.

The one land is run on an ethos of sharing. The environment is one of multiple users.

The next land is infused by an ethos of friendliness. The environment is characterized by efficient use of resources: everything in its place and a place for everything and easy to cross-reference.

The other next land can be characterized by an ethos of being file-centred just as the word processing software it championed is page-centric and not document centred. There is great simplicity in being file-centred.

I like to think that in social terms, each contributed to the emergence of the conditions for widespread acceptance of the World Wide Web. Consider permission setting; recall Hypercard; and ponder the salience of page and file centric focus. All about container control. And container control is about boundary crossing, about a longing for extensions of community, and a belief that the personal is not always the solitary.

And so for day 32