Meredith Monk “The Tale” recorded in a 2:47 version on Dolmen Music challenges transcription. It is difficult to do justice to these two lines [?] among the others without reference to the vocables that surround their annunciation. There is not substitute for listening in situ to these lines [?] here transcribed in the order they appear minus material before between and after.

I still have my allergies.

I still have my philosophy.

Hearing them again evokes an other text by an other author remembering the sheer joy of sound reverberation inside skull and through the body as a whole.

Breath Control

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

The child mumble-hummed the cadences of speech with a mouthful of wet crunch. The precision was admired by the adult. A closed mouth. Using one's head to resonate round food lumps. So precise an understanding that could distinguish between talk and directed sound from the presumption of articulation.

"Nice control of the epiglottis."

"What's an epiglottis?"

A piece of cereal spilled out and clung to the lip. A hand raised to push it back in and wipe the spread of an impish grin as curiousness leapt out.

"A trap that prevents you from choking."

Now in the re-reading reversing, a choke that prevents a trapping, sometimes seems a more suitable reply.

And so for day 23