The words for an advertisement for an automobile very large upon the side of a building take on a special glow when the reader recalls the cars-on-ice montage as seen on the big screen in the cinema and the warmth of the freakish winter weather and one impishly imagines the luxury vehicles plunging through on a lake crossing:

Perfect Moments
Imperfect Conditions

Perfect conditions lead to imperfect moments.

But a moment is a condition.

How can one arrive at such readings more regularly? Recall Robert Aitken, a great student of Basho, in "The Search for Mind" collected in The Mind of Clover:

Realizing that greed, hatred, and ignorance aren't there is a deeper way to resolve them than merely seeking to forget them by looking on the bright side.

O the nuances of a deeper way to resolve! "Looking on" as distinguished from "looking at."

And so for day 24