In i-Apple land, Keyboard Viewer helps one slide into better typing. It provides a nifty kiss hiss of feedback. Typing one’s name is especially revealing for the spacing and rhythms it may hold in the hand.

A QWERTY user looking for a minor bit of hunt and peck fun can switch the keyboard to Canadian French - CSA (and try to spot the single key location of c cedilla). Dvorak is available for those willing to develop dexterity with another layout.

The Character Palette even offers Braille dot patterns (which is not the same as a Braille input device) and so one can practice "seeing" Braille. Thank you Unicode.

Those channelling the ghost of Ezra Pound can relish the fact the digit zero is depicted as relating to an ideograph containing the radical for "rain" and cry for joy in this our post-Babel Apple-i land.

And so for day 29