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Here is the description of the book from a scene with Marilyn Simonds in conversation with Hugh Barclay from Gutenberg's Fingerprint. They are examining all the books published by Thee Hellbox Press

Every book is different in size and shape and colour. A range of genres is represented: poetry, memoir, essays, fiction. It's hard to grasp a binding thread through all these Hellbox books, in either form or content.


I pick the top book off the pile, turn to the first page, and read aloud: "The old chief who made us welcome in English and then offered prayer in the soft poetic tongue of the Ojibwa radiated a concern for the future and the past of the North American Indian."

Hugh leans across and flips forward to an illustration of a warrior that seems to dance across the page. "I wanted to show the dynamics of the powwow, a bit of the dance," he says. "So I carved three images and over-printed them in progressively fading colours."
The book in question was the first produced by Thee Hellbox Press in 1983. It is entitled A Letter to Teresa. It was produced in a limited edition of 72 numbered copies.

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