An anecdote about Mary Butts and her prowess at convincing … the term "procuress" comes to mind but it is not apt.

Maybe the best of Mary is gathered in the short stories Several Occasions (Wishart, 1932); and here is the perfect account of the night when Mary was living in Villefranche in the same famous hotel as Cocteau. Cocteau had picked up a boy, and the boy refused to play. Mary arrayed herself as a glittering apparition and went to the room where the boy was sulking. With magic words she told him how miraculous it was to be offered a night with a great poet, to share the glory of France. She clasped an exquisite bracelet on the boy's wrist. "There," she said, "you are ready for glory." He looked at Mary and knew that he was.
"The Lady Who Enchanted Cocteau" by Oswell Blakeston Little Caesar No. 12 "Overlooked & Underrated p. 22.

Story-maker … that's the apt term … more appropriate for the navigator of spirit and flesh.

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