Scholarship and Cosmos

From nine first lines

The light foot hears you at the edge
Thickened light and liquid earth
Grail quests in times of plague
Instabilities of interminable
Fiery inclinations toward obscure
Indications of ripened peaches
The light at the end of unforeseen
Circulations of vanishing conversations
Protean racket intercessions were always
Nine Blue Moments for Robin. Michael Boughn

And here is a piece from the seventh of these homages to Robin Blaser
ashes. Peacock flesh from old
poems preens in reflections flashing
with clearly discerned intrusions
of glory eruptions eschewing
finely boned displays of self
determined perfections for the sheer
joy of raunchy instigations
and unheard of worlds written
The line breaks and enjambement along with the diction and vocabulary evoke what is elsewhere in the suite of poems referred to as "scholarship and cosmos teeming / with the sense of a kiss that never / quite ends because its beginning / was impossible".

And so for day 2014