The Body Remembers - Aided by a Postcard

I know I picked up the postcard in Toronto and the event was held in Vancouver. It is the image and its distinctive coloration that caught my attention as well as its suggestive title. (The evidence of a small pin hole indicates that it graced the wall near my desk for a number of years before finding its way into a file folder and from there to here — still fascinated by the quality of the design).

Neon bodies hooked together.

The recto gives more information: a dance piece choreographed by Joe Laughlin.

Which leads one to Joe Ink
The Body Remembers is a highly kinetic look at the mechanics of moving and the material life of the human body. Lyrical, humorous and emotionally compelling this dance performance leaves a most optimistic impression.
And one learns that the music was from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. O for a remount and tour!

And so for day 2003