Rest and Replay

The dust jacket is shiny blue. Inside the book has a red cover. It seemed all blue to me in memory. It appears that sea of blue had a moon reflected in waves — all a blur to me — I was concentrating on the title words and the background — the title actually bisects the image making it a challenge to see it whole.

We consolidate memories mostly when we are either at rest or asleep, because these are the quieter times when we are not processing any new external events. […] Spontaneous replaying tendencies at rest have a second set of implications. Both our ordinary leaps of creative intuition and extraordinary peak experiences usually occur during pauses. Each requires an extra, dynamic ingredient, not just the mere replaying of a problem long incubated but still unsolved. Novel closures often means that some new item or motive source of energy has closed the information gap. Instantly, large networks shift into brand-new configurations.
James H. Austin. Zen-Brain Reflections

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