Making Room

Lisa Robertson. Thinking Space

There is a series of rooms. Each room frames a table, a book, and an opening to the outside—an aperture of some sort. At times they may be called studies or observatories or libraries but they are only rooms. Each has shaped a research.
This is the bold pared-down opening. Towards the end she quotes Carlyle and asks us to consider the "description of the study of the disappeared Herr Teufeldröckh".
It was a strange apartment; full of books and tattered papers and miscellaneous shreds of all conceivable substances 'united in a common element of dust.' Books lay on tables and below tables; here fluttered a sheet of manuscript, there a torn handkerchief, or a nightcap hastily thrown aside; ink bottles alternated with breadcrumbs, coffee-pots, tobacco-boxes. Periodical literature, and Blücher Boots.
Frame and framed. Flow and channel.

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