Nexus: between seed and fruit

"Take back the fruit: public space and community activism" is about the "Fallen Fruit" project in Los Angeles.

The description of the project leads to a question:

But who is the public? This question is at the core of Fallen Fruit. One way we like to frame this question is to suggest that the public is the nexus between those who have access to resources and those who do not.
The city has a policy of not planting fruit trees, though they will tend established fruit trees in public space (since their mandate is to keep the city as green as possible). The primary reason they cite, and not without justification, is the litter problem: fruit fall to the ground and end up feeding the city's unstoppable rodents. Thus the choice to plant a public fruit tree entails a commitment to its care and harvesting, so that the fruit will be an asset and not a liability to the neighborhood in which it grows.
Published in Food Alphabet City 12 edited by John Knechtel.

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