Slivers of Silvering

He gives us this general statement and immediately situates it ("I am making a big connection here between writing, coming out, and community.")

Any art wants to take the place of your reflection in the mirror and call for your recognition. It makes you become it like a magic spell—with words, images, representations. That is why a new self, like a new aesthetic form, like any new approach to art, is something of a scandal. That's why readers experience shock and outrage, or relief and urgency. New form, new content demand a new way of being, a new way of seeing our own life, just as new vocabulary calls forth its meanings in your life. It is at this starting point that an art movement, or a political movement, has moral life. The appearance of a new self in fiction will be tested and taken as a demand as much as a description. A dishonest picture is a traitor, an enemy of the common good.
Robert Glück. "My Community" in Communal Nude: Collected Essays

What if one backed up to the fabrication of the mirror and not merely being entranced by the reflections it produces?

The silver coating is applied in multiple layers to provide a rich, lustrous appearance and adequate strength of deposit.
L'argenture est appliquée en couches multiples, qui se renforcent tout en donnant au lustre sa pleine richesse.

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